Airbus Operations. The headquarters of Airbus Operations in Spain, located in Getafe, is in charge of the activities of R+D of Airbus in the entire country, as well as an important part of the investigation of Airbus to European level in composite materials. Airbus Operations participates in several R+D national and transnational projects, including the Graphene Flagship. The interest of collaboration focuses on the possible uses of Graphene, other Nanomaterials and Nanocarbons in general, laminate in the aerospace sector, and specifically in its integration into aerospace composite to give them additional functions, such as the detection of damage or the monitoring of the internal structure of the compounds during their production. Monitoring damage and manufacturing are two key areas to achieve greater use of compounds in aerospace applications, and therefore of great interest to the industry of the Comunidad de Madrid.

REPSOL is a multinational company in the energy sector. The Center for research and technological development of REPSOL in Spain has more than 350 people engaged in different projects and with full equipment for analysis and experimentation, as well as pilot plants for the development of industrial processes. The high interest in Graphene has led the Centre to promote and participate in R+D of great relevance projects oriented towards the study of their potential in energy applications. As deeply involved in the research and development group, is interested in research that are carried out related with technologies for production of fuels from renewable energy sources. Your interest in this project is on the one hand, geared towards the efficient conversion of solar energy through the design of photocatalysts and reactors that make use of the solar spectrum in greater breadth. These systems must present high absorption coefficients and high efficiencies of conversion in the area of the visible, with quantum yields higher in that area. On the other hand, REPSOL maintains a high interest towards the technologies of electrochemical storage of energy spanning both different types of batteries and supercapacitors.

BRUKER is a multinational company of the capital goods manufacturing sector, in which investigates, develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of equipment of high technology in order to provide solutions in different areas of research, control of quality and processes. Bruker now boasts more than 90 centers of production, research and development, as well as subsidiaries, sales offices, technical centers, applications laboratories and distribution agents throughout the five continents. The interest in this project is geared towards the development of new techniques analytical that they can be implemented in different types of reactors photo both studies of in-situ characterization and electrochemical. Taking into account the great challenge that presents the project and the state germinal both materials and technologies is necessary the use of tools that allow the analysis of a complex distribution of products in small concentrations.

NANOINNOVA TECHNOLOGIES S.L. is a technological SME start-ups based in the Parque Científico de Madrid in Cantoblanco. Its main objective is the development of technologies of synthesis and production of nanomaterials, particularly Graphene. The company designs, develops and markets instruments for CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and chemical derivatives of Graphene. It has developed a new range of industrial Graphene (graphenit ®) chemically modified which allows a better dispersion in a series of matrices (resins, epoxy, water, etc) and is marketed in concentrates for their rapid incorporation into industrial processes. The company focused on this project in the development of new instrumentation that allows the preparation of nanomaterials in low dimension efficiently, as well as the development of new materials of high performance (anti-corrosion, conductivity, etc) at industrial level.

ALBUFERA Energy Storage S.L. is a technological SME start-ups based in the Parque Científico de Madrid in Cantoblanco. Its main objective is the research, design and manufacture of Metal-Air rechargeable batteries, while it also expresses interest in other types of advanced and supercapacitors batteries. The company focused on this project in materials for the positive electrode of the batteries of metal-air, in which the oxygen reduction/oxidation reactions take place. The development of a highly reversible air electrode would have a high technological and commercial interest.